Should I worry about my 9 month old baby's sleep or let it go?

Clarissa - posted on 08/10/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son has always been an unprediacable sleeper. Last night we went to bed as usual, we co sleep. He slept 6 straight hours then woke up a bit whiny. So I changed his diaper and nursed him. From 4am to 8am he was tossing and turning all over the bed. I tried nursing him, patting him. Nothing works for long. Is he even sleeping? I gave up and told him its time to start our day. He does this most nights. It takes him from a half hour to 2 hours or more to settle down and sleep again. I feel bad that I have to wake him up to start our day. If I let him sleep in I know he will end up going to bed late. One time he wasn't tired till 11pm. I'm tired because I feel guilty falling asleep if he's not asleep yet. Should I be worried?


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Katy - posted on 08/22/2014




Have you tried putting him a sleep sack? We had a similar situation with our LO when we stopped swaddling her. We ended up trying the zipadee zip and she slept so much better than without it. It was amazing for us all to get good sleep! You can find them on FB. Hope things are going better!

Sarah - posted on 08/12/2014




He might be ready for his own bed. Sometimes they sleep better when in a bed of their own (and so do we) as each are not waking to each others movements. We all move when we sleep....sometimes it can be a domino effect when one moves and then the next person moves. As we go through the normal sleep pattern there is a time period in which you wake. As babies get older they start to learn how to put themselves back to sleep without the need of rocking or a bottle (at 9 mos. Waking for a feeding is not needed as they are not waking due to hunger).

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