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My son is 10 months old and we have been trying to teach him sign language. He understands a lot of signs and reacts to them (he'll blow a kiss when you make the sign for kiss), but I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this and when you noticed your baby signing to you.


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We signed with our four year old and the main one he did was more...because eating to him was a sport. I do think he began to talk sooner because he did understand a ton of signs and he loved to say the words as we signed them. We are signing to our 8 month old and she is really into watching it so hopefully by 10-11 months she will be able to do it.

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I love baby signs. It makes communicating with baby so much easier. I started around 9 months. My daughter started signing back around 11-12 months. She learned the food signs really fast because she loves to eat. She knows more, eat, all done, milk. When she did "all done" we would sometimes say "all gone" (because she ate it all:) ) and she started saying "all gone" at 14 months. It sounds like "aw ga." It's so cute! She also learned diaper around 14 months and since then she will sign diaper when she's wet/dirty and sometimes she will even sign diaper right before she has a BM. A good sign that she can try the potty soon. My daughter has become so much more verbal since we started signing. We always say the word when we do the sign. It's lots of fun and it's nice to know what she needs.

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