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I am a young single mum and was wondering what ideas you lot had that i could do with my 9mnth old daughter,emily, its so much harder doing things on your own.Going for a walk or sitting in the park is lovely but sometimes gets me down i see all the couples with their babies and think god i wish it was happy families for me n E.Havent really came to terms with being a single parent yet.Any one want to chat or just discuss things if you relate just give me a thread xx


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Erin - posted on 09/29/2009




Hey Sarah,
Im Erin, a 21 year old single mother to a 9 month( as of today) old boy named Connor. I completely hear you. It's always at the back of your mind any time of the day, on how your going to cope, or finish the day doing it by yourself. I have full custody of my son, and am now living with my parent's in Newcastle. Their tons of help, but also really hard to deal with sometimes.. there's something missing.. and that's his role model.. the person who's supposed to cherish everything I'm cherishing as he grows.. and that was supposed to be his dad. I left him, he wasn't interested in his son the day I found out I was pregnant with his child, and put on a show until his true colors came out, after the birth of Connor. I to get down and out seeing happy family's and wonder if this is just going to get harder and harder as time goes on. I'm where you are. I could really use the support, and I mean if your close and up for play dates maybe we could meet up with the babies and have coffee, then start doing play dates. I could use someone who can relate :(-- and I'm sure maybe your feeling the same way right now. Keep your head high, and so will I.
Best, Erin

Jessoliver87 - posted on 09/29/2009




I go to baby swimming classes at my local swimming centre once a week. Its a great learning activity for my son (who is also 9mths old) and he has an absolute blast!!

Shasta - posted on 09/27/2009




For two years I was a single mom of 2. I used to love to take them to the zoo. The other thing they loved to do from the time they could sit in a high chair was to help me cook. I know it sounds silly but, my boys really did. They would "stir" things for me alot. I would give them a bowl with dry rice or a little flour. They loved to stir it. We had a blast.

Jessica - posted on 09/27/2009




With my daughter I let her fingerpaint.. She did more putting it on herself than anything else but she loved it.. Even if you just put her in a high chair and put a little pudding on the tray. They like to get into things and love noisy toys thats for sure. Pans and wooden spoons are fun for them too.. :) My daughter turned 9 months on September 22nd. It can be difficult to entertain sometimes but the good thing is that they are pretty easily entertained.. Oh Mirrors too.. They like to see their reflection.. I have a little mirror just for the kids to play with and she giggles like crazy while she watches herself and touches her reflection.

Ashley - posted on 09/27/2009




I am a single mother also. Your daughter is still young so it will get easier seeing other "happy" couples and such. My son will be 2 in october and I just joined a play group. If you go to and search for your area, there might be something similar. Also, there is an entire community on this site that is specifically for single moms. There we talk about all the things in our lives and get advice from each other. If you ever want to chat, I am here! :) Good luck!

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