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When my husband and I split a year ago my 2 kids and I moved from an apartment (where my ex-husband lived with us) to a 2 story house plus a basement. It seems so much more difficult to keep this new house clean. It's about double the size I thought that would make it easier to keep clean extra space, less stuff. It's driving me nuts! The laundry is in the basement the bedrooms are on the 2nd floor. So I'm trying to figure out is it really just that much harder or did i not give my ex enough credit for helping with house work?


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It is harder... there is more spaces to keep clutter... whereas with a smaller apartment you have to keep it cleaner for the space. DH and I lived in a 600 sqft apartment and it was so easy to keep clean... now that we live in double... I can't keep up. Seems like I clean one room and by the time I'm done with the rest, that 1st room needs to be done again. It really is that much harder, but I am sure that ex-dh did help a little too.


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I also moved into a house double the size of my old one. It is set up like yours with rooms on the 2nd floor and laundry in the basement. I also thought it would be easier and it has in some ways. We have a ton of closets which make it easier to organize our things out of sight, but it takes so much longer to just clean in general, the floors alone take almost 2 hours to clean. It is up and down the stairs, our basement is finished so kids items are always found on the wrong floor. I find myself stacking things on the stair to grab when I go up or down. Its never ending. My hubby still helps the same yard trash stuff like that.

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it is harder. I have a 3 bedroom house where the bedrooms are on the second floor, and the laundry is in the basement. I HATE lugging the laundry up the steps.

Our basement is finished, which is nice, but also means more rooms to clean.

Our main living room and family rooms are always a mess by the end of the day and SUPER clean before bed, it is a never ending cycle.

Bo Lynn - posted on 08/29/2010




Another set of hands does help with the chores but don't feel overwhelmed at what seems like an endless list of chores. Set aside one day per room and soon it won't seep so hard.

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