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How do i get my 4 month baby to sleep though the night?


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I know they say babies shouldn't have pillows but I found the flatest pillow I could and used one of those things that stop ur baby from rolling over I swaddled her real tight placed her head on the pillow laying her in that thing to keep her from rolling over then I turned on the fan. She has slept all night from the day she was born its worth a shot.

Ashley - posted on 05/14/2009




Hi Joanne! The best thing to do, if you aren't already, is to establish a bedtime routine (bath, bottle, bed) and start it at the same time every night. You will have the most luck if you have your baby down for the night by 6pm. Also make sure you have naps in place throughout the day. At 4 months he should be sleeping about 4 hours during the day and around 11-12 hours at night. At 4 months babies can usually stay awake for about 90 minutes at a time, then they need a rest. A quality nap is at least 1 hour long. For example, at 4 months my daughter would wake up around 6am and be in her crib at around 7:30am for her first nap of the day, and then usually wake up around 9am. And the cycle would repeat all day until the 3rd nap which should be under an hour and the baby should not sleep past 4:45pm. Then bed by 6-6:30pm. This worked wonderfully for my daughter...and most babies brains switch into night time sleep mode around 6pm every night anyway, so if they are up much past that then they won't sleep well.

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