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our little boy is 16 months old and we still cannot get him on a consistent sleeping pattern, and if we think we finally do it only lasts a week and then he will change his nap times/bed times/wake up at all times of the night. I know that the majority of the advice is to let them cry, and to put themselves to sleep but I have such a hard time letting him sit there and cry because after 10 minutes he still is! I will take any advice I can get on this one. We rock him to sleep -- and I know he isn't too old to still make that transition but it still makes it that much more difficult! HELP! Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!!!


Lindsey - posted on 09/30/2009





I know we were having trouble with emma too, but by the time we saw her getting tired, we either held her till she fought it out or put her in bed and left her fight it out by herself. it is tough but will work. Emma is taking one to two a day and she goes to daycare where she only takes one nap sometimes. But I wake her up at 7 and she goes to bed by 8:30 9:00 regardless. Are you staying at home? If so i know when we are home on the weekends she will stay up later but no longer than when we get tired and she wakes up between 9-10am. Tell me what your schedule is and maybe i can help more.

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