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Krystle - posted on 11/23/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




Ok moms I'm a first time mother and having bed time issues. Every time I go to lay my little girl down to sleep she wakes up as soon as she hits the bed and then screams. She doesn't want to sleep in her own bed. She is almost 4 months old and not sure how to break the crying cycle. I will give her a bottle rock her to sleep and go lay her down and she will wake back up!!! Help


Erica - posted on 11/25/2013




I don't know if you got my reply my name is erica negron in I think you should by the baby swing that sways side to side in it has safe speed for the baby in it also plays soft baby music buy the one that plugs in so you don't have to worrie about batteries going off while the baby sleeping .i got the fisher price one it worked like a charm. I hope it can work for you


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Danicia - posted on 11/25/2013




I would let her cry it out. does she take naps in her bed during the day? with our daughter, we used daytime naps to get over the bed psych out (that's when we let her learn to self sooth- when we were not ready for bed ourselves and cranky). when our daughter started going down for nap time calmly/very little crying, we introduced her to overnights. it was SO nice to have a short transition to bedtime after she got used to the bed during the day when I was still awake and alert. I wish you luck!

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