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My second child who is one month old doesn't like sleeping in anything but her car seat. We have tried her basinet and she doesn't like it. How can I get her to sleep in her bed at night? Please help! Thank you for any and all help in advance!


Ashley - posted on 03/24/2009




My second son was the same way for a while (he is now almost 1).  I started wrapping him kinda snuggly in a receiving blanket and laying him down in the bassinet.  That helped a little because he felt secure.  I think they like the car seat, swing, bouncy chair, etc... for the fact that it cuddles them some.  Be patient and just keep trying to put her down and she will eventually get used to it. 

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I wouldn't worry too much. My first slept in her vibrating bouncy chair for about the first month or so from there she went into a bassinett which she hated, then a cradle and finally a crib., And my third (now almost 3 mos) also hated the bassinett (as did my middle!) and slept in her swing (turned off) for about 3 weeks. From there we put her in her crib on her side with a wedge. I think they just like being secure as they were in the womb.

Just a note---we believe that she liked sleeping in the swing at first because of reflux and also she had an ear infection @ 1wk. Being upright, helped with both. Maybe something bothers her when she's laying flat and the carseat relieves that.

I would try putting her in her crib during the day first for naps. If she cries and you "rescue her" eventually she'll get comfortable. Also maybe try raising one end of the crib by putting a pillow under the mattress so she's not laying flat.

Good luck!


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Lindsay - posted on 03/24/2009




Well first let me say I would suggest not to let your child sleep in a bouncer or car seat for long, I let my son do that and his side of his head actually became flattened. He had to wear a helmet for 3 months so it would get back to normal shape. My doctor says that they are so young they cannot support their heads so they tend to lean one way more than another way causing it now to be able to grow in that area. If you do continue to let your baby sleep like that just make sure to rotate how they are sleeping and dont let them sleep with their head always one way! :)

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