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Hi i have a 6 and a half month old baby boy who is excellent in the day hardly cries, enjoys playing with toys but when it comes to nap time he has to be bounced in his bouncy chair to sleep and will only sleep for half an hour each time, i bath him at 6 everynight and he is in his cot by 6.30 and wil usually fall asleep by himself. From about 7 til 9.30pm he will wake all the time for nothing sometimes he just wants his dummy but other times he just cries. He also wakes up to 2 times a night for milk and drinks nearly 7oz each time, he isnt hungry going to bed he has half a jar of baby food for breakfast half a jar for dinner and a whole jar for tea and also has approx 4 7oz bottles. i dont know how i can help him sleep longer in the day and stop him waking at night.

Any suggestions?


Sarah - posted on 05/20/2009




hi Emma! first off, your little boy is sooo cute!! my advice would be to put him down for his nap in the day in his cot. with my two, it helped them take much longer naps. it will also help him associate the cot with sleep which should help at night too. do you go into him everytime he cries?? i know it's really hard, but leaving them to cry does help sometimes, not for hrs on end obviously, but they need to know that you won't come running else they will start expecting it all the time. hope this helps :)


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Nicola - posted on 05/20/2009




I found my daughter didn't sleep well when she ate store bought food, are you just giving him store bought food or is it home made, even though alot the baby food out there is "organic" and good for babies they still has preservatives to stay on the shelf longer, so that could be a problem

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