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Hi there my son is 8 months old and doesnt sleep through the night, he some times wakes 10 times a night crying and some times wont go back down.

Any suggestions on what to do


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Natalie - posted on 06/18/2009




Does he have a dummy, bottle or rug?? something to comfort him during the night?

At 8 months i was still wrapping my daughter to put her to sleep.

Im not sure if any of this helps.

[deleted account]

i even got him checked out by a physio he had a few things out of place but still womt sleep through. he use to sleep through but since his teeth came through he doesnt

Tisha - posted on 06/17/2009




I would talk to the doctor about it. My son has been like that too and they said he would grow out of it gradually. They told me he has night terrors (not trying to scare you by any means). He's almost 2 now and he's been gradually sleeping longer and longer thru the night. Hope this helps.

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