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Krista - posted on 02/03/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




ok so kinda loosing it not sure what to do. i have a wonderful 7 month old baby girl when i took her to her 5 month check up doc says that she really doesnt need to be getting up in the middle of the night to have a bottle.i agre she had already been eating baby food for a month snd she has reflux bad so when she did wake up in the morning she would throw up from being full very sensitive tummy i no it was more just a comfort weirdly like a week later she stopped getting up and stopped wanting one all on her own. but now for a bout a good month she wakes up like every 2 hours she will cry then i give her a binky and shes fine goes right back to sleep. but again 2 hours later she wakes up cries and wants a binky is this normal?im ok with binkys shes not very dependant on them only when she is tiredd and shes liking them more right now beacause she is teething but overall during the day she really doesnt use them much. how can i get her to stop doing this? i work overnights so i can be home with my girls and my husband works during the day so more or less its him dealing with it but the nights i have off i would love a nights sleep and it just doesnt happen....some much needed help please!!!!!!!!


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I have a 18 month old and a 3 and a half year old, I've never been all that good with sleep deprivation so when I started to have kids I thought I was in for it, but through my favorite baby book (Baby 411) a book I think all parents should own, and advice from other women in my life who have raised wonderful children, this includes my mother (wink wink :) I've found that for me at least, I can keep my sanity by molding my children's habits to whats manageable for me and to teach the child to fit with the family's ways not the other way around. Now I know what you might think, that seems a little selfish but one of the most important things that my mother tought me is that a sane and healthy mommy can provide better stability for her children (not to say that any mom can be sane all the time :) For me it is very important to teach my kids that the world does not revolve around them, again, seems harsh but please know that my children ARE my universe, I just don't let them use that to their advantage :) anyway I use these ideas along with many more to teach my kids how to sleep, and I'm very happy with the sleep I get. Sorry I tend to ramble, here's what I've done in a nut shell:
0-6 Months anything goes, if I want to safely bring my baby into my bed with me in the wee ours of the morning to nurse and fall asleep together and so on, now is the time, after this they usually start to develop habits good and bad.
starting around 6 months old I start what is known as the Ferber method (witch is explained in detail along with a few other sleep teaching methods in the book Baby 411, but short version, put baby to bed after a solid routine that's done every possible night(children love routines) the baby should be put down awake and should see you leave to learn to cope with your absence, I found with my first child I just needed to teach her to fall asleep with out me or a bottle, just her in her crib to learn to cope. once baby is put down to bed awake they'll need to get to sleep with out your help, if they start to cry and fuss, let them for five min. then go check on them and reassure them that you've not abandoned them, and to also make sure there not in any danger, don't pick them up and don't stay longer than a min. they'll probably start to get louder, wait 10 min. and go back in and repeat what you did the first time, then let them cry/scream for 15 min. then repeat the process, and do that increasing by 5 min. each time until they fall asleep, it WILL be hard but if your strong and consistent it should only last for a few days and get shorter each night until they teach themselves to fall asleep on there own, the idea is if they get to sleep with out you, then when they wake up in the night they know how to get back to sleep with out you also, and VWALA you both sleep through the night, I know easier said than done, my three year old kinda did it all on her own once I started putting her down for bed awake, but my one year old fought me every step of the way, including when he woke up in the middle of the night, for a few nights I was up in the middle of the night doing the process for an hour or so, but believe me it was worth it, a few sleepless nights resulted in solid sleep for everyone every day after, if your willing to put in the hard work you get great results.
in my experience choosing a soothing item like a stuffed animal is better than a pacifier so you don't have a screaming baby every time it falls out, just my opinion though :) I hope this advice was helpful, good luck with whatever method you use, just remember your the mommy you know your child best and what you say goes :)

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my son does this from time to time as well... and as annoying as it is for us sometimes, i think that there are worse things... some of my friends's babies still aren't sleeping through the night and are still taking a bottle or two during the night. at least when i get up to give him his soother, i don't really have trouble falling back asleep because i'm only up for a couple of seconds. if you wanted to try, you could just wait and see if she goes back to sleep on her own. my son sometimes does this, but it's hit and miss.... if i wait too long, he'll wake up completely and then it's a battle getting him back to sleep. so most of the time, i just quickly get up and give him his soother so that he'll go right back to sleep. keep in mind that this won't last forever.. it's probably just a phase, especially with the teething. good luck!!

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I'm guessing that since she's teething the pacifier is comforting to her so when it falls out she wakes up. Our son really liked his pacifier when he was teething and would wake at night if it fell out as well. Just keep in mind she won't be teething forever, you'll get through it! :)

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