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Lindsey - posted on 08/15/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son will be 16 months old on the 20th of Aug. He has never slept through the night and I am desprite to get a good night sleep.

When he was frist born he would only wake up once maybe twice but that only lasted till he was about 2 months old.. since then we have been waking up 5, 6 7 times, and some night twice every hour.

He slept in our bed for a while, and now we need him in his own bed. I had to go as far as putting him in a toddler bed at 11 months. I was albe to lay down with him in his bed and put him to sleep, but still waking up with him to BF. It was more of a comfort thing to him and not him waking up becasue he was hungry. I just recently stopped BFing in the middle of the night to see if that would help with him sleeping through the night.. It did for a little bit, well not completely but at least where he was only waking up a few times.

Now we are at the point again where it's constatly, so we have been letting him cry it out, but it kills me becasue he gets so upset that he poo's and then fall asleep standing against the wall or leaning against the gate. I am desprite and need other idea's on where to turn. We also tired where you let him cry for a couple mins then go in there but that just made things worse for him where we would be sitting with him for hours because he didn't want us to leave. He will close his eyes for a few minutes then open them to see if you were still there and do that for hours.

Please any idea's!!


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Lindsey - posted on 08/15/2009




He never took to anything. We tried to get him used to one of those bead pillows that looks like a frog, He has never took a pacifire or bottle, He does have one of those fishy crib toys but he has never played with it. We keep a lamp on in his room so that way I don't trip on anything when I have to go in there.

He is at 1 nap a day and depending on what we have done sometimes 2 but never past 3:30 so he can get to bed at bed time.

I guess I am destine to a needy child. I know I have to keep at one thing and eventually we will get past it, it's just how much more can my body take of not sleeping before I carck.

Thank you Ladies for your advice and thoughts..

Mara - posted on 08/15/2009




Have you thought about putting a crib toy on the side of his bed. Then he would be able to play a little bit and then fall asleep when he wants? How many naps is he taking in a day?? If it is two, maybe he is ready to transition to only to one nap? Is he sleeping with a blankey or something comforting at night?? My son went through a phase that he did not want to go to bed with the light we got a small lap (so it wouldn't be too bright) and kept it on at night. I think he was afraid of the shadows when he woke up. Maybe get your favorite shirt and wear it for a little bit, put it on a stuffed animal. He would then have something to cuddle with at night and it would smell like you....Hopefully one of these work! Good luck

Leah - posted on 08/15/2009




wow! you poor thing! does your little one have any kind of snuggle buddy( ie. bear,balnket,etc) that he could take with him to bed? maybe offering it to him during the day when he needs some extra love will help get him used to relying on it. i am not saying getting a little one 'addicted' to something is the best idea, but in this case maybe one can help. have there been any changes lately? sometimes when they accomplish a huge develpomental milestone they regress a bit in other areas. my advice is that whatever you decide(cry it out or bed sharing) BE CONSISTANT!!! Little one's need to know what is coming. They need and like routine. After bath- a book- and then snuggle time in bed. THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!Good Luck to you:)

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