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My son is 10 months old, he started sleeping through the night when he was about a month old. At four months old, he stopped. He was up every hour. We started him on solids, hoping he was just hungry. But that did not help. Now, on a good night he'll get up 3 times a night, some nights he is up 7 times... I work fulltime, so I would really like to get some sleep one of these days. How did you get your baby to sleep through the night?

Also, my son has always slept in the same room as us because we've only had a one bedroom place. We now have a two bedroom. He loves his room, just hates sleeping in it. I have to try over and over again to get him to sleep in there (normally an hour to two hours), but when I give up because I'm tired and take him into my room to sleep next to me, he falls right asleep. DO you have any tips on how to get your baby to sleep in their own room?


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I agree with Shana..If you take him out of his bed or crib he will kind of know that he doesnt have to fall asleep there and that he can come sleep by you. We did it like this..
At the beginning he fell asleep in our bed and we then put him in his bed for the nite.Then i started to go and lie down with him in his bed and once he falls asleep i also sneak out.It could also help to put a teddy or a snuggly pillow next to him in his bed while he sleeps.I think some kids just need to feel that they arent alone.Good luck

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Not sure if this will work, but I used to sleep in my daughter's room with her at first. Then I would tell her I would get her baba or a drink and bring it back to her, then make my escape once she started to drift off. It takes time to get them used to it, but it worked after a couple weeks of doing the same thing every night. Oh, and she also liked how I would check on her a few times before she totally fell asleep. She trusted that I was still there and going to come to her when she was upset. The trick though, is to never take them out of their crib or bed.

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