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My daughter is 1 and she has started to wake during the night and will not go back to sleep. All she wants to do is play but she cries because I will not let her. This will go on for about an hour. How can I stop this?


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My fave book is no cry sleep solution by Elizabeth Pantley, it seems to deal with nearly every situation. I haven't had this problem but have a look at what she's doing during the day: Has she just learn't to walk? We all practice what we do in our sleep and this is often a cause of night waking, and in a few weeks may pass. Is she teething, unwell, or anything else that may be changing her night sleeping habits? You may just have to wait it out, not saying that one is an appropriate time to get up for a play, but what happens if you do let her will she play for a bit and then go back to sleep? And most importantly will she play by herself with a toy while you can atleast just lay there without getting up? Hope I've helped a bit.

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