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I have never really kept friends from the people that I have met. So after living where I live after 7 years I basically have no friends. Recently I have been having problems with my husband. My husband is Catholic and grew up going to a Catholic school and then being home schooled from middle through high school. From what he said he basically self taught himself through school. We have a son who is 4 and we disagree on his schooling because it's his way or no way. He will not even consider the option of public until we could afford to send him to a private school. It wasn't until I told him that I have consider leaving him and my son, the he changed him mind about school for our son. I don't know what to do. For one I don't feel like it should have come that far to take him to realize that I am serious about not home schooling him. I have been wanting to go back to school and my husband doesn't want me to because he feels that we both can not go to school at the same time. So I thought if our son was in school that I could go back, but that didn't even go well with my husband. In a way I feel like he tries to control certain situations.


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Kate - posted on 06/10/2014




I know how you feel about the friends part. I never had many friends I always read books and they made me feel not alone. If your husband is making you do things you dint want to do to your son get a divorce. But try to stay together for your child's sake. I say start with public school a few years if your child doesn't like has trouble isn't learning anything homeschool him. Teachers even teach wring things. Anybody can be a teacher it's so easy. I wish my parents would have homeschooled me when he gets older and wiser ask hi if he would rather be homeschooled. Hope that helped

Andrea - posted on 07/05/2010




Step back and really look at the situation. What would be better for your son? How are the public schools in your area? Why don't you want to home school him? Is your reasoning for not wanting to home school, just so you can go to school? How long will it be until you can send him to private school? Indeed, it will be hard on all of you, including your son, if you both are in school. If it will only be a little while until you can afford private school, I would consider sacrificing your schooling until then. Take away what your husband thinks and what you think, think about what would really be better for your son. Are the schools good in your area? Will your son have possitive or negative influences around him in the school (other kids, curriculum)? Will he be taught and around things you would rather him not learn (swear words...ect.)? Maybe homeschool him for a couple years, until he is grounded in good habits and firmly knows right from wrong, so going to public or private school would be okay. ??? Very hard situation, but when I am faced with things like that, I try to take my own feelings and thoughts out of it, and look at it 'out side the box' if you will. If you need to set aside your desires for your son's good, then I would do so, even if it is not something you really want to do. Pray about it, ask the Lord to give you guidance and the right words to say when talking about this with your husband. Do whatever God leads you to do.

Eva - posted on 07/05/2010




Ok I don't know your whole situation, but it sounds like the flame of your candle gets blown out often. There are 2 of you in that relationship not just your husband. You need to have a life and opinions to as well as make decisions for your child that you have EVERY RIGHT to make. If it took making the threat to leave him.. to make him understand... you have a long haul, but you need to do what is best for you and your son. If your husband wants to wait until you can afford private school...when is that going to be? If you home school then end up sticking him in private or public... kids are different these days, sometimes not as welcoming as they should be or have been in previous years. Also if you want to go to school you have every right to do so. I know it is easier said than done but remember you are your own person and should never be told you can't do something or be hindered about the rights you have to your child. Don't let yourself be pushed around, especially when it's something you feel so strongly about. Good luck sweetie!! You are woman...lets hear you roar!!

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Well I am a stay at home mom and have been for 31/2 years. My son is excited about going to school he ask all the time if he is getting bigger so he can go to school. My husband feels that our son will get a better education if he is home school and he says he doesn't trust people. My husband works over nights so he comes home around 7:30 usually in bed between 8 and 9am and he sleeps until 8 or 9pm. I told him that right now I do not feel like I have the discipline to teach our son the things he need to be taught at home. We live in Florida and we do not have great school as far as public schools go, but at least my son would be getting interaction with other children. I am not comfortable enough with myself to join a mother's group. And in many ways that is what my husband keeps pushing me to do so my son can have other children to play with.

Michelle - posted on 07/05/2010




That is a really difficult situation and unfortunately is ultimately between your husband and yourself. Homeschooling is not for everyone and now ( depending on where you live) there are stricter standards than what your husband grew up with. Try finding information on what it entails to homeschool in your state and show him what you found. It may be because you are not working that he wants you to homeschool( you didn't mention you were working so it is a guess)? As for private schools, there are many benefits for it so I will not deny his choice on that. Downside is that it is expensive. As for you going back to school, if your husband and you come to an agreement, maybe you homeschool during the day and take night classes while your husband is home, or online classes. Your husband may also feel that with you being the wife ad mother, your place is in the home and if he provies for the family then there is no need for you to go back to school. I do not know your whole situation so it is hard to say exactly what is going on and what should be done. Just talk to your husband, find out why he feels the way he does about homeschooling and private school. Don't fight or argue just hear out his side of it. And then tell him what you found out about homeschooling laws in your state, if it will be feasible for you to do or better to put in public school until private school is affordable for you. I don't know what else to say with what you have provided.

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