so my son is two and i was wondering after you take the pacifier away do they start talking more? because im 34 weeks pregnant and my patience sucks so i was wonering if its really worth the one week of hell lol


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Mary - posted on 04/24/2014




Why do you want to take his pacifier away? I have heard they even help the talking, can't think of any reason it would stop him talking? Besides (I don't want to say this too strongly) the emotional distress would be so much for him on top of a new baby as well. Might make your life easier to keep it.

Although...when they get older it is a good idea to limit it to bed times only.

And as for teeth, well the dental nurse asked me if my boy used one and she said she could tell by his teeth but then said but don't take it off him! We can fix teeth but not brains! So he can keep his until he decides to get rid of it, I'm not taking his little security away from him (seriously would you take away their prized toy or cuddy?)

Sarah - posted on 04/03/2014




It may not be that bad. At 2 yrs old your son should be off the pacifier for his speech but also for his mouth and teeth. The longer he uses the pacifier the more likely his mouth and teeth are going to have damage and he will need braces down the road. It is going to be easier now then it will be with a newborn that is waking up multiple times a night and a toddler that is adjusting to the addition. It may not be as hard as you think it will be. With my two kids I cut the tip of the pacifier and it was not much longer that they just stopped using on their own. fits.

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