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he just turned 2 and the pediatrician told us we should be "very concerned" about his lack of speaking abilities. he can say a handful of words well enough that i understand him and he is very good with sign language. we had him screened by the state a while ago and they said we have nothing to worry about, but now the ped is saying he "hasn't reached his milestone". people keep telling me that their kids were late talkers, too. we're having him get a hearing test and the state is sending a person back out to the house to eval him again. has anyone had a similar experience? all of his other skills and development is right on track or advanced and he shows no signs of autism (so far).


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I teach special education and work closely with Early Childhood special educators and teachers in the Birth to 3 program. I would definately have your local Birth to 3 program come out and check him out! You hurt nothing by having them come out and if he needs services then awesome! If he doesn't then they will probably give you more tips on how to get him to talk. There is no shame in getting your child checked or getting services. I see more harm in putting it off.

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We are in the same situation as you are in. We have 2 daughters and they spoke in complete sentences by the age of 2. So when our son turned 2 and was still not talking, I was very concerned. At 2, all he was saying was Ma and Da, so sounds like your son is even further ahead then what mine was. His ped had the state come out and do an evaluation but he didn't qualify for speech therapy, which shocked us all. I also worried of autism to the point I did research to prepare myself. He will be 3 in October and he just started talking in sentences within the past few months. It came on suddenly and each day he says new things and can properly communicate with us. He just decided to talk on his own terms. Also, I noticed with my son, he's alot more active and hands on then what my girls were. Also, he was an observer and very advanced in certain things unrelated to speech. I think it's good to be proactive but i'm sure your son will also come around on his own terms. I met a few children with autisim and they had much more delays then just their speech, which helped reassure myself that wasn't my son's problem.

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I am sure he will come into his own on his own time!!! I really wouldn`t worry too much. So much easier said then done! My developmental specialist tells me all the time that kids hit the "milestones" when they are ready and people get so worried over it. FYI...Michael had speech delays because he had bad hearing. I forgot all the details but I know he had to get tubes in his ears when he was little and then he was talking up a storm. My mom would probably know more about it.

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I am in the same situtation. My son is now a little over 2 and only says a few words. Our ped. say to take him to be tested by 2 1/2. He understands everything but won't really respond verbally. Even when he was a baby he really did not babble a lot. But if you live in the state of PA speech therapy is free for all children under 3. That is what we are involved in now.

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You really shouldn't be concerned about this. My youngest daughter didn't talk till she was she talks all the time. I did the same as you, I thought maybe she wasn't hearing me so I had her ears checked. That came out fine. We also had someone come to out house to evaluate her and work with her, they came to my house a few times and I ended up moving and told them when I was settled in that I would call them. In that amount of time she was already talking better. So I never called them back. She came around on her own. I also thought maybe she was autistic and I continued to believe that up until a few months ago. She has really made progress. It takes time. I was very worried about her, and when she did start to talk I was the only one who could understand her. I thought she was talking good, everyone else told me otherwise. Her doctor did tell me she was a little behind. She is fine though. I really believe that there are some children that like to observe for a while and then they start to speak. My daughter was an observer. Dont worry. He will come around.

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