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Michele - posted on 07/06/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




i was wondering how do u introduce solid food with out having them choking on it...and when is it best to do son is 10 months i give him the easy stuff to chew right now cuz he only has 4 teeth...but i was wondering how do u introduce the harder food to eat...i'm worried


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Elizabeth - posted on 07/07/2009




My son had a lot of issues with texture. He wouldn't eat anything with chunks in it until he was over 1 year. I just stuck with what he liked, even if it was stage 2 pureed baby food. No big deal. He would eat finger foods like Cheerios and other soft things. He loved bananas. Teeth don't really matter. Babies don't use their teeth to chew at that age anyway. My son didn't cut his first tooth until 11 months, but he could eat plenty of things.

Mel - posted on 07/06/2009




at 10 months they can eat anything just watch them. my daughter has a dietitian and shes its the only way they learn just watch them and make sure they are not turning a different colour or anything. mine got her first tooth at 7 months but had rusks since 3 months

Belinda - posted on 07/06/2009




My girl is 10 months old and only has 2 teeth so far and although I was really paranoid about her choking to begin with I'm not really that concerned anymore because she manages so well. I started giving her strips of toast to eat, she has arrowroot biscuits, pieces of soft fruit (banana, mandarin, tinned fruit etc), steamed vegies cut into batons or bites size chunks (steamed til very very soft), pasta, chicken or fish cooked and cut into bite size pieces...... she eats lots of different things without too much trouble at all. Most things I give her are soft enough that she can mash it up with her gums, but firm enough that she can pick them up without them turning to mush in her hands. Just start with one new thing and watch him closely while he eats to make sure he's ok, and once you get more confident you can start introducing lots of other foods. My bub loves trying all sorts of new things and if something is too hard or her to eat she just spits it out! Good luck and have fun!

Deidre - posted on 07/06/2009




don't worry about the teeth, they don't use them right now anyway, whether they have none or 10. My daughter is just now learning to use her teeth for things at 14mo. If you can find zwieback toast (made by gerber but not sold everywhere) go with that. Not nearly as messy as teething biscuits... that was my daughter's first solid food and she LOVED it. Other than that, just go with the flow. Try something small, like peas that Tana mentioned. If he does good with that, go from there. I didn't introduce meats until my daughter was around 11mo old cause I didn't feel comfortable doing that. And even then it was a REALLY TINY piece lol.

Tana - posted on 07/06/2009




Mashed potatoes and peas. They're solid foods, yet you can over cook them enough to make it easier for him to chew. Bananas are a good food to try and so are rolls and pasta. Macaroni and cheese isn't a bad idea. If you get too worried about how hard the food is that you're giving your son, you can always run it through a food mill.

What kind of foods have you already tried? Gerber has some pretty cool stuff to try. Yogurt bites that dissolve in the mouth, cheese crunchy type puffs that also dissolve in the mouth and teething biscuits. Beware of the biscuits, they're VERY messy. Or they were for my son.

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