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Carrie - posted on 10/05/2013 ( 6 moms have responded )




I've been diagnosed with post pardum anxiety and I don't know what to do anymore. I can't sleep and until last night my 4.5 month old has slept like a champ.. I'm constantly waking up all night for no reason and I'm so tired.. I love my lil baby but my husband works 12 hrs a day 7 days a week and I feel so alone I'm exhausted and he thinks all this stress is in my head :( I got prescribed anti anxiety pills and am afraid to take them ( this causes even more anxiety) I freaked out on hubby at 4:20 thisorning cause baby just wouldn't go back to sleep and he gets to leave and go to work and come home and sleep.. An I a bad mom for wanting a day off just for me? I feel like it would help so much but at this point seems impossible! Someone please just tell me I'm ok and this is normal.. I don't want my baby to feel my stress and I think I hide it pretty well from everybody but its rippin me up inside.. Please anyone give me some advise.. I'm losing my mind!!


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Kim - posted on 10/10/2013




I know just how you feel. I felt the same way with my baby and was afraid to speak about it, because I didn't want anyone thinking I was a bad mother, after all no one told me to go have a baby. But I did some reading and found out it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed, especially when you are basically doing it all on your own. This is new to you, and it will take some getting use to. But on the real, you do need a break, even just for a few hours. if you don't have relatives or close friends that can re leave you, try a daycare center. Some daycare have 1/2 day rates, the one my daughter goes to is like $30 for 4 hours or something like that. or you could go for the full day.

But don't feel guilty for feeling the way you do, it's normal, your not the only one, and you wont be the last. All the best :)

Gena - posted on 10/10/2013




Can you ask your parents,a family member or a good friend you trust to look after the baby for a day or even just a couple of hours so that you can take a break? Every mom needs alittle break sometimes.And try not to be hard on yourself,take every day as it comes and try to relax and enjoy it.Soon your little one will be crawling around,then walking around and you will realize how fast they grow.Just try to enjoy it.If it helps you to go lay down in bed with your little one for awhile during the day then do it. Do things that help you relax,if you feel like making your own face mask and listening to music you can do it with the baby.(dont face mask the baby though lol). Or try mixing alittle bit of olive oil with salt and rub your damp hands and feet with the mix for a minute then rinse off. Its little things but if it makes you feel good its worth doing it. Hope you feel better soon. And dont forget we are not supermoms,every mom deals with abit of stress sometimes and some moms have more stress.Its ok. Good luck

Jessica - posted on 10/07/2013




You need a day off! All day everyday with the baby,.. Of course your stressed!

Mother - posted on 10/06/2013




My baby is 6months old now does not sleep through nights. In case he sleeps I don't feel like sleepy. I don't know when he vl start sleeping in nights. I think this problem is common to all new moms.

Elizabeth - posted on 10/06/2013




Seems pretty normal to me, take the medicine, if they prescribed it to you, it's safe, and it might just help you sleep and feel more content.

Binal - posted on 10/05/2013




Hi I feel your pain. I was the same way. I had 2 babies right after each other 13 months apart and my husband worked 8 am- 11pm just to afford a life. We did not have much family and friends here so I was in same situation for long time but don't worry, trust me! Thinks will get much better day by day. No you are not a bad mom at all! Anybody at your place would feel the same way. But try to set a time table, that way you can organize your day with little break now and then during day. Take a nap while your baby sleep during day time. Go for walk in evening with baby in stroller , the fresh air will work for both you(with anxiety )and your baby will sleep better at night. Gather your self with people so you can share your problems and listen to theirs. We all are in same boat , don't hide your feelings. It can hurt you and your baby. Find somebody who can watch your baby for few hours a week so you can get a break. Don't panic ! Keep telling yourself that you are strong and stay clam. You can do it!! Good luck!!

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