Sometimes I feel like I just don't want to be a mom anymore at times., is that bad?

Lori - posted on 11/03/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My little one will be 2 on the 30th and I absolutely love her, I have a horrible relationship with her father. We went through the whole attorney general thing, so he gets her every other weekend. I'm a full time mommy so I'm always with her, but she is so damn spoiled! It's not me who does the spoiling so much as to both grandparents on both sides. SHE CRIES OVER EVERYTHING! If she doesn't get her way, she goes running to my parents. I can't tell her no, because it's the same thing...

I will admit I have very bad anger issues. There are times where she gets into things and makes a complete mess as any other toddler would, and I just snap sometimes. I don't hit her, but I yell. I feel so horrible after words, but I just can't help it. I hold everything in. I'm always with her all the time when she isn't with her father. He only takes every other weekend and the thursday when it isn't his weekend.

Then sometimes my parents like to throw in their opinions and make me feel like I'm such a bad parent. I always get everything my daughter needs when it comes to necessities and the ocassional toy when I can get her that extra. It's just some days it feels like too much and I feel so overwhelmed especially when she acts bad. She's love to throw her temper trantums whenever she can. I just feel like running away from her or locking myself in the bathroom and just cry. I know I have help from my parents when they're home, but they always leave in the morning or afternoon and I never see them till night again.

Am I a horrible person for wanting to get away from my own child? Please, I need some advice or know that I'm not alone. I'm literally crying now, because I feel right now that I can't take being here anymore. I just want to get away from this house. :(


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It sounds like you just need a break,why doesnt one of the spoiling grand parents take her for a weekend so you can have some breathing space. Im with my 2 year old 24.7 his dad works out of town alot and i only get a babysitter when i have appoitments he cant attend. it can get overwhelming. but it doesnt make you a bad mother. some just have more patients than others. im sure at the end of the day you love her so much. Kids try out patients all the time. and its only going to get more challenging as they grow! Talk to the ones that are spoiling her because they are enabling her spoiled ways and i would put a stop to that if they cant respect you then they dont need to be around her.Grand parents are the worst for spoiling.


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Michelle - posted on 11/03/2012




You need to sit down with your parents as I am assuming you are living with them and set some ground rules that you all need to stick to when dealing with your daughter, first one being if mom says no she means no. Yes this will lead to some tamtrums but if you persevere they too will come to an end. Decide how you want to deal with discipline than get everyone on board to help you. Explain to your parents that you love them and appreciate all there help but that you feel that you are not all on the same page where discipline is concerned and you want to come to an agreement so that she grows up to be a well behaved young lady. As for the tantrums this is how we have curbed our daughters tantrums if she starts to have a fit and cry she gets told to go to her room as nobody wants to hear it and she can come out when she is done. I used to have to physically place her in her room at first now, she tend to run to her room have her little tantrum then comes out when she is done. As for your sanity when she is at dads you need to take some time for you have a nice hot soak in the tub read a book, go out with a friend do something that you don't normally do when you have your daughter moms need some down time as well even if it is only an hour here and there it is quiet time to think.

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