Son who thinks no one likes him....any tips!

Tania - posted on 09/10/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is 6 yrs old. He is totally convinced that the kids at school do not like him and that everyone here in this house doesn't like him. He has ADHD which is not an excuse but his behavior at school with other kids is being affected. he is on meds. I told him that everyone here in this house LOVES him yet he still says we are all mean to him and that he tries to be nice to everyone. I dont know what to do about this. Everything I say or do is something that he thinks is mean....any tips on how to deal with this?


Karen - posted on 09/10/2009




This sounds ohhh so firmilar my son who is now 9 has adhd and he also had the issues with thinking that everyone hated him.. What i did is called his teacher and asked if she would allow me to send some notes to parents of other boys in his class and she said yes and then i set up play dates and once he had about 5 or 6 play dates under his belt he ended up with one really good friend and they are the best of friends today.. I was talso told by his doctors that this is normal for kids with adhd and we also worked with the school and set up lunch groups that were smaller as the big lunch room was too much for him to handle... hope this helps

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hello, while my son doesn't have ADHD he tends to be a bit of an emotional child..he says the same sorts of things and all you can do is re-enfoce that everyone loves him get them to tell him his age it must be hard to not know why he can't control himself the way the other kids do and taking the medication also seperates him from the other kids..I went into do some class reading in my sons class and found out that the kids do like him and attempted to pla with him but he was very shy so that made things awkward..all i had to do was set up a couple of one on one play dates with a few of the kids and then the friendships started there..if he has alot of energy though maybe it would be best to plan a sporting play date...footy park..soccor game..something along those lines let the kids see (and him ) the things that he can do really of luck..and remember to try not to pressure him everyday with questions about friends and school let him tell you first and then say your piece..goodluck


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KASSIE - posted on 09/16/2009




hey my son is 8 has ADHD to .the kid's at school are being mean to him. I have talk to the school . i love my son . i wish he had one friend he can play w.some kid's don't like to play w him and it hard for me to see it. he on meds to we tell him no he said we are mean to and we don't love him and we tell him we do. i can't help you but it nice to know am not a long.

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