sons father is gone and i kicked him out!! i dont kniw what to do!!

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Well let me start off by saying iam in a good place right now but 7 months ago i wasnt. When my son was 9 months old his father whom of which i believed was happy broke up with me. It was 2 days before our second anniversary and 3 days before my birthday. I was miserable and shocked. It came out of no where a d i was stunned. To make matters even worse at the time we still lived in the same house. His reason for not leaving was he didnt wanna break lease. Understandable. So for the next 2 months or so we r still sleeping together talking things out trying to figure out where we areas a couple..and he says hess just not ready for a relationship. I say i understand u want a break i can do that.

But then he just started actung weird and started to shut down and i knew something was wrong. So i remembered way back when we first started dating he let me see his phone so i could delete all girls numbers in it. It wasnt a request he just gave me the phone and said i want only ur number i it. And i remembered a few had happy faces by there names one of which he had kicked it with according to hid instagram when our son was 9 months around the same time he broke up with me.

Now to make a long story short supposadly this girl was his bf who i never met and i found out in feb he cheated on ne with her last may when our son was 3 months old. So he broke up with me in oct but they had been together since sept. So u cn imagine wat hell i was living in he eventualy broke up with her in march but nothing changed. I had no clue he evn had a gf until feb so since sept he was cheating on her the whole relationship...
So where im at now is i baaicaly couldnt take anymore. He got everything he wanted out of me without him having to b with me and i was too dumb at the time to c it. But now that i mafe him leavei dont know how i feel. We havnt ever been apart for more then five days and im like maybe he might wake up now and see what he lost. Because right now idk wat to do.

I know it sounds bad but he was my first and the father of my first child and really the only love ive had. Apart of me wants him to come back im just condfused. Bur right now as i said im happy i dont wake up crying and i dont have his father and what hes doing on my brain 24/7 but apart of me is missing him bad....


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Good you have come out or you are coming out from this. Don't judge the situation after you come out from it. What you did at that time was the best because the situation demands accordingly. By the way wish you Happy life ahead with your kid. Live in present, think about future and learn from the past

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