Sooo about this conductor wife life!

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I am in a serious relationship with rr conductor! She is the most sweetest, thoughtful, hardworking, loving, passionate gentlewomen I've ever met (when she's not stressed out due to, mood swings, work & lack of sleep) :D I really love this woman and there has been lots of talk of moving together, getting married & conjoining our families of my 8yr old son & her 8yr old daughter 0_0 in which my son has become very fond of her daughter *bites nails* *le sigh*!!! Besides that she works non stop n I mean NON STOP! She does not have an set schedule which means more special occasions will be missed including my sons bday last weekend ~_~ I am becoming very familiar with what I will be signing up for with this move anticipated in December. Meanwhile I'm beginning a new career in teaching next week! I have never lived with anyone else & their (grown talkn) child before so this is extremely new to me! Being that we barely see each other & when we do it is to see her rush to the shower try to get a bite to eat then fall asleep the 1st hour after she arrives only to be awakened (norm between 12-6 am) approx 6 hrs after she's here by a dreadful recording ripping us apart again :'( then she's off running out the door on a 2hr drive back to work Houston or Lafayette! I miss her dearly being I only see her once every 2 or 3 days! She does what she can with us when she's off which is rare but we can't seem to get enough private time! I'm so tired of sleeping alone but I don't want to sleep with anyone else besides her! I sometimes have thoughts of accepting new friend offers from being lonely but I don't want to create that life I'm sure it would be a mess! I think I need a lil support/encouragement being that I don't share this part of my personal life with the ppl I know b/c it's pointless most don't understand nor do I trust them. I hope someone else out there can understand my life, concerns & help develop a support group maybe for conductor wives/wives to be. This is by far the biggest challenge I've had in life next to being a single mom for 8yrs & looks like 10 more on top of that times 2! I want to be positive about this new life journey & love the revisions of our life I just need to get over the negative aspects of it I'm afraid of quitting & the relationship failing b/c of distance tho the love is so strong now! Thank u for reading and any "HELPFUL" comments!


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Sending you the biggest hug ever!

Isn't there a saying "love will find a way"? (if I just made that up, you can steal it)
I don't know what you are going through but any relationship is hard. Then add two kids to the mix! Yikes!
Is her schedule always going to be like that?

Congratulations on the job!

If you love each other and support each others careers, you both may have to tough it out until a solution becomes clear. Just talk as much as you can about what your wants and needs are and make sure that both of you are very open and clear about these things. Communication is key (learning that in couples therapy!)

If you both feel, in your hearts, that you can make this work and figure out the details, then go for it. You'll be working soon enough and will have other things on your mind to help shift the focus away from being bummed about not seeing your partner.

As for the sleeping alone, get a body pillow! My daughter sleeps in bed with my partner and I sleep on an air mattress in the living room. I end up waking up all night if I'm in bed with them so this arrangement works for us (until we get a bigger bed, hopefully). But I do miss sleeping with him so I cuddle the hell out of my body pillow!

Good luck!

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