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Rachel - posted on 01/27/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I just had baby #4 and for some reason, my nipples are REALLY sore. Does anyone have a tip to make them stop hurting?? I tried the teabag method and it felt fine while they were on there but were pretty sensitive when I take them off. I've also put on the lansinoh stuff and bag balm and neither of those have helped with the soreness. Any other suggestions for it to stop quickly would be great!! Thanks!


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if you can find the jelly nursing pads they are wonderful! buy a couple of packs and stick on set in the freezer while wearing the other. I had to do it with my first 2 because of the way they latched (their mouths were to small) It was the best and I just change them out when the coolness went away! they are also reuseable you just run them under water to clean them! Good luck I know how badly that hurts! Oh yea i know for sure they can be ordered online from walmart and babiesrus.

Cyndel - posted on 01/27/2011




When I had my son it took 2 1/2 weeks for my nipples to toughen up and stop being sore. All I could do is make sure he was latched on right, that I didn't wait until he was frantic with hunger that would make him come off the breast multiple times during nursing and only made it worse. And I put lansinol on before showering so I wouldn't get soap on my nipples because that made it worse. then washed the ointment off with warm water so that my son wouldn't get any soap residue. beyond that I just had to wait until they toughened up.

They became sore again when he broke through his first tooth for about 5 days, he was 3 months when his first tooth broke through, but after that everything went great!
I'm sorry your so sore! Hope you feel better soon!

Rachel - posted on 01/27/2011




I've been expressing some and rubbing it around but it hasn't seemed to help too much. She has a hard time latching on right, which is how all this started. We re-do the latching until she's on right. They aren't really cracked or looking dry. They are red and sore.

Allyson - posted on 01/27/2011




Are they like cracked and dry soar? When I had my daughter the nurse said to just express a little milk and rub it around. That cleared up the dryness better for me than lansinoh cream. Is the baby latching properly? That hurts them for sure if they're not on right. Good luck!

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