Speech delay?

Ashley - posted on 03/07/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Serious question:

I'm getting a little concerned about Brayden's speech and feel that he should be speaking in fuller sentences (he leaves some words out) and more fluently then he is. I'm JUST CURIOUS on opinions from others on what I should do to check into it? I feel that Landon is about where Brayden is (he is 3, Brayden is 4) and in some ways talks better. Ava was such a fast talker and talked so much clearer at his age that it has me a little worried. However, I do know that some boys tend to be slower then girls. Is this something I should be worried about? Is it something I should have him tested for and if so how would I go about doing so?


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Toni - posted on 03/07/2014




Girls do naturally pick up many things faster than boys generally.
Im assuming that Brayden is your oldest, and if this is so, then delayed speech is nothing to worry about. The younger children had more speech stimulation from more people talking around them, so it is natural that they would pick it up a little quicker.
I had worries about my 5 year old sons speech, but when he saw a speech pathologist they said he was almost perfectly on track for his age. My son has hyperactivity and that is why sometimes he is difficult to understand, because he is trying to talk faster than he can.
If you are really worried speak to a speech pathologist for children, they should be able to tell you if you need to focus on anything and give you activities and ideas on how to help.

Chet - posted on 03/07/2014




You could contact a private speech pathologist to have him assessed. I don't know what that this would cost. SLPs run around $100 an hour, but I don't know how many hours/visits a full assessment would take.

Have you looked at speech milestones online to check how your son compares to the average? That may be more useful than comparing to his siblings.

I would definitely get him evaluated if the situation is upsetting to your son or you think it's causing him social or emotional stress. If he's not bothered, is making progress in his language, and seems to have hit most of the language milestones for 48 months I would probably not worry.

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