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My daughter is turning 6 months in 6 days. I have been giving her homemade brown rice cereal sparatically, but she's mainly been filling up on breastmilk. This week I'm going to start feeding her cereal everyday that way on her 6 month birthday she can try her first veggie. I'm just wondering how do you know how much to typically feed her or how many ounces of breastmilk/formula she should still be having? Since, I'm just starting her on solids would I just start feeding her once a day or since i'm starting a little later feed her twice??? help


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Sine you want her primary nutrition to still be breastmilk, you should offer her solids after a breastfeeding session - I usually wait an hour or so. This way she'll be a little hungry, but not so hungry that she's impatient about it. At first, she may only want a few bites, or she may want lots. You can just follow her cues. In addition to spoon feeding solids, I know my son enjoyed finger foods at that age. you'd be surprised how many soft fruits and veggies they can feed to themselves.

Natasha - posted on 06/09/2009




Your baby usually tells you when tehy have had enough. They will start to fuss and move their heads about and grab the spoon etc. My son is 5 months and eats aolids about 2 tablespoons 3 times per day. With his little spoons it takes about 15mins to feed him. I always give him his bottles first then the food, as my doctor says it is the main food at this age and only has the solids for extra nutrients and he needs the fluid intake also.

Keep an eye on the poop. My son goes evey day, so I know he is not getting constipated.

Mel - posted on 06/09/2009




i dont know anything about how much breast milk/formula but my little girl was put on solids at 3 months but her dietition she started with fruits and vegies because rice cereal causes constipation and tastes horrible, to start out she had maybe 1-3 spoons twice a day, but with mine after just a few days she had to be on 5 solid meals per day.

just make sure that solids are offered before the milk which is something my daughters dietitian is still to this day always telling me otherwise their tummy fills up with milk and just try a few spoons as long as the baby is happy to eat more that is fine. they will tell you when they dont want anyone. some eat the whole jar. offer it to her before the main meals so either before her milk first thign in the morning and dinner, or before brekky, lunch and dinner time

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