stealing food in the middle of the night

Rhiannon - posted on 06/14/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




my 4 year old step son is waking up in the night and eating all the food in the house, i dont think its a hunger problem as he is eating EVERYTHING....even the sour cream. does anyone have any idea on how to stop this, as when i wake up in the morning and find the kitchen trashed, its not a very good start to the day for him or me and im sick of him being in trouble

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Kim - posted on 12/31/2012




we are going through the same thing with my grandson...he sneaks food and hides it under his bed..we are going to try and put a snack on the kitchen counter at night so we will see if this helps

Natasha - posted on 07/13/2009




:O, Just read your last post. Thats really dangerous, the whole cutting with a knife, he could do some serious harm to himself or someone who is sleeping.
Maybe try: locking his door, or a safety gates, you can get ones like 1.5 metres high now days.
Doctors are like that, especially specialists. Remember, Just stay calm (which would be so difficult, I know) and just try and protect him and other members of the family.

Rhiannon - posted on 07/13/2009




thanks for all your advise....i did go ahead a put locks on all the cupboards and fridge....then instead of waking up and eating, he starting drawing on the floor and even cut up the couch with a at my wits end, i am seeking help through a childrens doctor....i just have to wait soooo long to get the appiontment

Jamie - posted on 06/15/2009




Until you can get things totally figured out try putting a babygate in front of his door. or somewhere he can get to th bathroom to use it but not the kitchen. We do this with my 2 year old but its to keep him from going downstairs.

Jenny - posted on 06/15/2009




my partner used 2 do it 2 when he was a child, they ended up working out that he was hiding the food so his brother couldn't have it.

Amie - posted on 06/14/2009




I'd definitely check on the sleep walking thing. My son sleep walks too but he doesn't sleep eat thank god! They get a snack before bedtime though so maybe that's why? Mine just wanders, then finds somewhere comfy and plops. lol Found him a few times bent over the couch with his feet on the floor.

Ricky - posted on 06/14/2009




my son was doing the same thing and the only thing i found that worked for me was i got the kid proof door locks and put them every where i even padlocked my fridge. it might work for you it might not i thought i would just tell you my experience and what i done to fix the problem.

Jackie - posted on 06/14/2009




I was going to say to find out if he was sleepwalking. My oldest son has night terrors and he actually gets them so bad his eyes are open, but he is screaming bloody murder and will actually talk to me, but he's really still asleep. You should really get him checked out, in the mean time, you should get those fridge locks from safety 1st, that way at least he can't get in the fridge, they come in packs of 2, so you can stick one on the freezer to, if he can reach it. you can get them at walmart. good luck honey.

Jennifer - posted on 06/14/2009




I had a roomate in college who did the same thing. She was actually sleepwalking. Please take him to a sleep clinic to get him checked out. My roomate went and got checked out and had to get treated (not sure if it was meds or what), but she had gained so much weight from many years of doing this. After being treated she ended up losing 45lbs in 2 months!

Theresa - posted on 06/14/2009




I would first talk to him and see why hes doing it in the first place. Then I would worry about punishment because they maybe a very understandable reason to why hes doing it. I hope this helps

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