still inlove with my ex

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I broke up with my baby's father a year ago but I still love him. Everytime I see him and his new girlfriend I'm feeling sad. How do I get over this guy. I can't move on because I still love him? Any please help me it feels like I'm losing my mind when I see them together


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I'm sure it has to be hard seeing someone you love, loving somebody else. When you made that choice to break up with him that gave him the right to be with someone else. I'm sure it was a hard choice to break up with your child's father and I don't know what the circumstances were but if you want to be back with him again you need to let him know how you feel. He may still have feelings for you too, men move on differently then women. His way of not hurting could of been dating the first thing that came along. If you feel that the relationship can not be mended between you two then you might want to start seeing a relationship counselor or just a counselor in general. Sometimes talking out your feeling with someone neutral in the situation can put things (like your feelings) into perspective for you. Surround yourself with people who love and care about you so they can help you take your mind off him. Also there is no reason you should have to see him with this girl at all! You need to explain to him how it makes you feel and at pick up and drop off times you would appreciate if he would come alone. If he can't respect that then maybe one of your friends or family members can do it for you until you feel like your over him.

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