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We were very blessed, Rita started sleeping through the night at about two months, suddenly, two days before being six months old, she has decided to wake up every two hours on the dot! She is breast-fed exclusively when I am home, (3 days a week) but when I am working my mother babysits and she has breast milk with some rice cereal. (our pediatrician just suggested we start this about a week ago) Do you think she is starting to wake up because she's hungry? Or do you think we are just spoiling her and starting bad sleep habits? We are not attached to any specific parenting style, we are trying to figure this whole "new parent" thing out! She does fall asleep breast-feeding then we place her in her crib because we are petrified of smothering our baby during cosleeping as we are both very heavy sleepers!! Thank you an advance for any and all help/ advice!


Heather - posted on 10/15/2013




This sounds like a growth spurt to me Rita. Is she eating hungrily? If so, feed her and do your best to get through it. After a while, if it seems she's not really HUNGRY but waking and eating because, you know, it feels good...and she's sucking for just a moment or two before going to sleep, then that's a sign she's in a habit that you need to break. But if its clear that she really is hungry, feed her and push through.

Growth spurts were the bane of my existence... it should be gone within a week or so. You're doing great! Hang in there!

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