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Cleaver - posted on 01/02/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son has started doing strange things, it started with his goldfish and cheerios he would hide it under the cushions, so i started to vacuum the sofa more often. now when i am cleaning i find cans and boxes hidden everywhere. i almost think hes hiding food in case we run out, but hes never gone without food i don't understand this hiding food its only food he hides oh and sometimes its my rolling pin if i leave it where he can get it.please does anyone have a toddler that does/did this its weird. and if there's any advise on getting it to stop because hes started doing it at my moms now


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Feah - posted on 01/03/2013




Dont worry! Its completely normal. He is just trying to save it for later. And misplaces it!
You should see all the weird places I find food! As for him stopping I dont know Id just check his hiding places on a regular basis.

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