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I loose my patience alot and I'm getting stressed out and sometimes I take it out on my son What can I do not to loose it.


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Kate - posted on 10/05/2009




are you taking time out for yourself? even if it's just half an hour to go and have a bath or walk around the block and get fresh air or something, but always take a little time out for yourself. That's how i keep from going insane!

Adrian - posted on 10/05/2009




Try meditation, deep breathing techniques. Make sure you take time out for yourself even if its just a candlelit bubble bath.

Kat - posted on 10/05/2009




You're not the only mom out there that goes through the same thing... it's tough sometimes when you have alot going on in your life... trust me, I have 3 girls and I have my fare share of stresses on my shoulders and I too find it difficult at times... the best thing I can say from my own experience is take a couple minutes to breath and figure out what exactly is pushing your buttons or stressing you out... then acknowlege it...there are alot of things we can't control but unfortunately they will forever stress us out unless we focus on anything and everything positive in our lives.... when you feel overwhelmed talk to a good good friend, sometimes just talking to a friend even about nothing helps... take a time out for yourself, if you have help, family, friend or a b/f, husband or whatever your situation, try and make some "ME" time for yourself and use that time to relax, unwind, and breath....I don't know if it will help but for the most part I've learned how to get through my frustrations and stress this way... and then I also try and turn it around and try and do something fun with my kids... to change the tone and get everyone on the right track again... but if your having on of those moments when you just want to scream, cry and pull your hair.... a few minutes to yourself and some starbucks with a girlfriend might do you some good.....and a playdate for your son or family and friends that don't mind hanging out with him for a little bit while you destress will help at least a little bit..... Hope your day, night, week gets better chicky... keep your head up :)

Roseanne - posted on 10/05/2009




As someone who has the same problem, i can only tell you what i do to try 'calm down' a bit. Getting away from the house - away from the kids and hubby - just away! for like 2/3 hours is like so calming. Yes you feel all the stresses etc building up as soon as you pass that front door back into the house but for that 2/3 hours you are so calm and god its like the weight is lifted just that little fraction.
Talking helps, i find friends try to 'fix' the situation and end up making it A- worse or B-they own problem or C-they spill all they problems out at you and you end up carrying they load too. Someone you dont have that close relationship with, i talk online to a few people. I personally will never go talk to a professional as i did before and they just went OTT. But you may find it'll help. You need to off load some stress on others...get a rant out (i actually feel sorry for the random people on the network i'm a member of now x lol) It sorta helps.
As for taking it out on your son, what i do is think 'he's 4 years old, he does not know any better...or he's 14 months, he's just a baby' over and over. I used to forget how old Oliver was and expected him to be able to do things that his age group wouldn't manage and caused more stress when he never did it. Stupid yes, i know but me saying his age though my head helped re-think the problem and how to handle it etc
More planning into things help too. Giving enough time to get ready to go out is a must in my situation. I get so stressed if i think i'm going to be late. I actually feel the stress levels going up and i do get impatient and 'shoutie' at the kids.

LOL i doubt any of my advice or things said will help but hopefully at least one bit will :) xxx

Natasha - posted on 10/05/2009




I think everyone looses it sometimes but if it is happening a lot then i think you do really need to figure out what is stressing you. Make sure you get lots of sleep and take time out every day to do something for yourself. I don't know how old your son is but if he is still having a sleep during the day take this time to do what you really like to do. It will help make you feel better. Also try get fresh air! i find that a half hour walk a day really helps me when i'm stressed out. All the best and hope you feel better soon!

[deleted account]

without knowing how bad it is getting i would just say that maybe talking to someone would be a good idea. maybe your doctor or nurse? do you need help around the house or what is making all this stress in your life? i think finding out what is stressing you may be a good step in controling that 'loosing it' part of your day...maybe you have depression ...???

hope this helps a bit x

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