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Melissa - posted on 04/22/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




So I'm 38 weeks and I've been pretty desperate to get this baby out. I'm set to be induced this next coming Wednesday but I really want to be able to go into labor on my own. I was induced with my last at 37 1/2 weeks because of a diseased gallbladder and it was a horrible experience. I ended of getting a fever, and an infection in my uterus and the placenta abrupted. When I went in to be induced nothing had started to change on my cervix and I most definitely was not dilated. This time though I am now 3cm dilated and about 75% effaced. I've been trying everything to get labor going. Eating pineapple, sex, spicy food, acupressure...I'll get a couple contractions and then nothing. So yesterday when I went in to get checked she stripped my membranes and I thought for sure we were going to be making a trip to the hospital in the middle of the night because of the horrible cramping and contractions but I'm still at home this am. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this done and if it has worked for them. I know it doesn't work for everyone and it might take a little time to work...I'm just anxious!!!

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!


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Heidi - posted on 04/22/2009




Hi i've never had this done but i was induced with both my labours one the pessery and the other was the drip both made for a very fast labour but i would say now that you've had this done keep active the more you are on your feet then gravity will take over and will help bring baby on go for a nice walk or woddle lol and try and get baby to come on and say hi wish you all the best x

Melissa - posted on 04/22/2009




Thanks for all the suggestions!! I'm actually being induced next week because of a heightened risk of placental abruption and the risk of having too large of a baby. I would just rather have a chemical free induction. I feel that my body is capable of doing this without the pitocin.
Thanks again :)

Cyndee - posted on 04/22/2009




Hi there.. I felt the same way and just wanted my pregnancy to be over with.. I tried everything.. Raspberry tea, sex, bouncing on the ball, castor oil.. and nothing seemed to work... I was suppose to go in for an induction if my baby did not come on her due date because i had gestational diabeties.. my due date was march 24th.. my baby came on the 17th of march.. I say that you should wait Nand let mother nature take it's course.. due to me being so impatient.. I used castor oil that monday and it is suppose to make you go to the bathroom often and give you contractions.. well I started having contractions so very bad that I went to the hospital that afternoon and was only 1cm dilated.. The pain for me was so bad I did not want to go home I demamded that they kept me there and help me with the pain.. Finally they decided to put me put me on pitocin to get my contractions in a pattern.. After hours I started dilating I was at the hospital from monday till tuesday 10pm when I finally had her... I had to have an epudrial which I did not want.. but due to the fact that I had to have emergency C-section I had no choice..when I got to 5cm they decided to break my water..and then from there her heart rate started to drop it was because the cord got wraped around her neck..We are fine now but I was stuck there for all that time not being able to eat and move around all because I wanted to rush my baby out.. So please wait it's only a few more weeks.. Your baby will come on your his/her own time.. Just go with the flow.. You never know what will happen I wanted to go all natrual but look things change.. I hope that you will take into consideration the advice people give you.. But at the end of the day you go with what you are comfortable with...

Sara - posted on 04/22/2009




I had my membranes stripped and it took a couple of days for me to experience any contractions. Hang in there, that baby will get here soon!

Jessica - posted on 04/22/2009




Hi, I know how you feel. I was scheduled to be induced at 38w5d because of high blood pressure. I had my membranes stripped a week earlier when I was 60% effaced and 2cm. I had a lot of cramping, lost my mucus plug and started to have contractions, but no labor. I tried everything as well... spicy food, sex, raspberry leaf tea, rocking on my balance ball, nothing working. I still had to be induced on my induction date. I do feel for you, but if your body is not ready to have the baby it won't. Hang in there, the most important thing is that you have a happy healthy baby! :)

Sarah - posted on 04/22/2009




Give you baby the best first chance in life. I know the last few weeks take forever, but they are essential to the health and well-being of your baby. I understand that circumstances led to the early delivery of your first, but PLEASE do NOT rush your little one to be born s/he will come in their own time. I walked around 3cm for almost a month with my second one vowing labor would start any second. He showed up almost a week late after all that. They come when they are ready. None of my business, but I would also question the person who would strip your membranes early to send you into labor. This person does not have your babies best interest at heart, horrible cramping after stripped membranes does not always mean something good ie labor and delivery are imminent it could lead to infection and harm your baby, especially if you are walking around with a compromised protective layer around your vulnerable baby.

Please let your little one make their own appearance it is only two weeks of your life but is the rest of your babies.

I do applogize if I sound preechy (sp) but mother nature knows best, please be patient and hold your little one when s/he is ready to make her/his appearance.

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