Struggling in her car seat

Jacci - posted on 04/24/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 10.5 month old daughter does not mind going in the car, but she has been in her new big girl seat for about two months now and she is always struggling to get the chest part off or move it down. I have checked to make sure it isnt too tight (its two fingers away from her chest) Is this normal?!


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Your little princess may be too young for this but it could work in the future. This worked with both my sons, and daughter. I put a felt circle on it with an S and told them they were Super (boy or girl) and they had super powers with it on and it would protect them (sorta true). Usually they are excited about it the first month and you can even make a game out of it. By the time they are bored with it, they are used to having it on.

Andrea - posted on 04/24/2009




hiya jaccie my son is now 2yrs old and he as never liked being in his boy boy and is always tryin to get out t look be hind him i have tryd allsorts to keep him in the best thing i found was a portable dvd player n play his favourt dvd keeps him in the seat and takes his mind off the idea off being in the seat

Cindy - posted on 04/24/2009




My daughter used to be the same, always whining when we put her in her new seat. We also gave her toys or something to keep her busy, she also has an older brother who loved to talk to her, otherwise, if she still whined we just ignored it, It's for her own safety. She got used to it and loves her, once again, new booster seat.

Cory - posted on 04/24/2009




Yep...I have a suggestion that worked with my neice. Get her a special toy that she really likes and only give it to her when she is in her car seat. Don't give it to her any other time (this will reduce the novelty and spoil the plan). When you give her the special toy it will take the attention off of the seat...she will have forgotten all about it and focus on her cool new toy.

Hope it works out for you as well as it did for us!

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