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Crystal - posted on 04/21/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Just wondering what moms out there do or did in the summer time with a child of the age of 1..I know there is not much with a child being that young but i'm looking for some idea to do with my son for the summer time.


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My daughter is 16 months and we live in North Florida so we have a lot of outdoor options. My in-laws and my parents both have swimming pools so they take her swimming. We even tried her with water wings instead of the floaty and she loved it. You can go to the play park. The ones with ramps are easier for the one year olds because you can follow them up and they can walk up by themselves. My daughter loves the swing. Our back yard is too uneven for our daughter so we let her run up and down on the deck and she couldn't be happier. I'm looking into getting a sand box or ball pit for her. I saw that the zoo was suggested which is a great place to take kids that age because you can point out all the animals and tell them the noises they make so they can repeat them back to you. You can also look for some mom groups in your area and go on play dates.

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Get a wadding pool, or go to the baby pool at the swimming pool. My kids loved to play in the sand box. They also loved to go to the zoo. Some libaries have a toddler story time, check out your local library to see if they have one.

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When my daughter was 1 we just spent the day out in the yard, playing on the blanket, or we went on walks. On really warm days we would play in her little pool. 1 year olds like to stay busy, but they really shouldn't be too picky on what you do with them. They are very easily entertained. I think they just love getting out of the house from the wintertime ( i live in Minnesota so we've all been stuck in the house too long) will be very nice to get out and do just about anything we can.

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