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Natalie - posted on 05/22/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am in my 25 week of pregnancy! This is when the feet swellin and stuff start to happen I guess! Well I have pretty much been on bedrest throughout this pregnancy so my feet are always up! But the funy thing is they still get swollen and to the point that it hurts a little from the pressure! My hands too! Is it normal for my feet to swell so much even though they are up? Any advice or remedies?


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Christina - posted on 05/22/2009




to me it sounds like you have pre eclampsia or toxemia. i had pre eclampsia when i was pregnant i swear i looked like a beached whale, my ankles werent ankles they were canklesand my feet were like flat irons. for one thing i would have your OB check you to see if you have too much protien in your urine. the only way to get rid of pre eclampsia and toxemia is to deliver the baby.

Kat - posted on 05/22/2009




swollen feet is normal, but swollen hands and/or face could be a sign of preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced high blood pressure). you should give your doc a call in the morning just to make sure. drink lots of water (like a gallon a day or more) and try to avoid salty foods. good luck!

Rebecca - posted on 05/22/2009




T.E.D./ support hose, they help with comfort control and circulation. You can purchase these at an medical supply facility/ pharmacy. DEFENITLY cunsult your doctor.

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I agree with the drinking a lot of water and easy on the salty foods. My doctor also advised keeping up with easy walking to help with circulation. But if you're on bedrest this might not be a good idea. Wouldn't hurt to check with doc on why it's happening so early in your pregnancy.

Ez - posted on 05/22/2009




Swelling can be an indication of various complications, such as pre-eclampsia, so if you are resting and they are still swollen I would see your doctor. Especially if it has come on all of a sudden. My feet, ankles and legs became hugely swollen when I was pregnant (I had a MASSIVE belly, put on a lot of weight and it was in the middle of a very hot Aussie summer) but they always went down overnight. At your ante-natal visits the doctor/midwife should be checking your BP and swelling so they should be able to give you some answers. Some swelling is normal, and yes it can feel tight, uncomfortable or even painful (I actually couldn't drive in the last few weeks of my pregnancy because of it) but it is definitely something that needs to be monitored by your doctor.

Katie - posted on 05/22/2009




Drink tonnes of water. With my 1st I avoided drinking too much because I worked on a line and couldn't leave often. This resulted in major swelling and a really serious bladder infection. With my 2nd I decided to try the other approach and drink a lot of water and I never became swollen and went to the washroom less often. I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant with #3 and drinking as much as I can and I have not experienced any swelling. That's my only advice, is to drink a lot.

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