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My daughter is four years old and is afraid letting go of me when we are in water that is deeper than three feet. she has had swimming lessons and is still taking them. and this becomes a problem with the teacher of the class. any ideas on how i can encourage her to use what she has learned to stay afloat


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I agree DO not do that throw her in and let her learn thing parents did yrs ago. I taught swimming lessons for about 5 yrs while I went to University and just let her get comfortable. Does your pool have a small kids slide? If so you can hold her at the top of it and hold her as she goes down it while you are in the pool beside the slide(does that makes sense??) After a few times of that, slowly let her go under for a second while you are holding her then eventually let go for just a second at the bottomthen pick her out. Tons and tons of praise too works wonders...I would also reccomend using flutter boardsor the foam noodles that most pools have now. The noodles work great if she lays the noodle around her chest and the ends are behind her under her arms. hold the middle of the noodle in the shallowst water and then progressivly move back into the deeper water and have her come to you as LaCi said. If this is way too much info or is confusing just let me know and I cant try and not be so long winded lol...good luck and she will get there!

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my mom used to let go and back away really slowly and I'd have to swim to keep up with her. after that I was a fish.

Kyla - posted on 07/13/2009




well I have had this problem with several children in my life :)

One thing not to do, don't push her, I have seen that it makes things so much worse!

One thing to remember, it will get better in time. Don't let it become a big issue, if she won't let go of you or her teacher then don't swim with her. She'll have to sit on the steps or whatever. But don't degrade her for it, just ignore her. Also with my daughter I had her use floaties for a few years. Then we went with just one arm floatie. The next year is when she had swimming lessons, and after that she actually dived off the diving board! I was more nervous than her :) And now she is going to be 7 at the end of this month & is swimming on her own in the deep end of the pool. I hope some of this helps you figure out what to do.

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