Swine Flu

Jamie - posted on 04/27/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok so am I the only one freaking out about this and stressing it. My husband says I have nothig to worry about but, hello, I live in Arizona, its like a short hop to Mexico where people are dying, and Im not supposed to worry. Please tell me Im not the only one worried about this.


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User - posted on 04/27/2009




I live in Canada so im not fully worried about this but from my recent knowledge from the news you shouldn't worry to much.
Like Cara said take precautions to cleanliness of your children and yourself.
The cases that where in the U.S of this happening ( which was about 20 ) all survived.

You also have to remember that any flu can be dangerous and deadly not just this one. so just make sure you take the precautions and if you or your child is sick to go see a doctor for some care.

Cara - posted on 04/27/2009




I live in New Mexico, so how much closer can I get! I am not really worried, we just have to take precautions..hand washing all the time and such. When I go out I take a hand sanitizer with me, and my son stays in his stroller if we're at a store. I don't let him crawl around (he's 15 months). My husband had a really bad flu a few weeks ago, and my son caught a milder version of it. I took care of them the best I could, and they are fine now.

Maleasha - posted on 04/27/2009




I'm a little worried. I live in Southern Utah, so I'm not much farther away from Mexico than you. I'm just keeping track of the outbreaks in the US and hoping it doesn't come close to us.

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