Switching to a crib!

Tori - posted on 07/31/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 5 month old son sleeps with me. I was BFing so it was much easier that way! Now he is so squirmy i never get any sleep! I want to start putting him to sleep inin a crib. Any tips on making it a smooth transition for us both?!


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Danicia - posted on 08/04/2013




start the transition at nap time, not bedtime. it'll be easier for you to handle his resistance to the crib during the day vs when you are exhausted and wanting to sleep yourself. once he transitions well during nap time, consider starting bedtime transitioning. good luck!!!

Jessibell - posted on 08/03/2013




To be honest I co-slept until he was 2 and it was time for a bed, not a crib. He was deathly afraid of cribs and couldn't even look at one, not sure why since he never had a bad experience with a crib but co-sleeping does make breastfeeding so much easier and it actually saved his life at one point, but anyways.

I'm not sure if switching from bed to crib is the same as from bed to big kid bed but basically I had to be very determined and 100% that both he and I were ready for the switch. Because of his age I allowed him to cry it out (to a certain extent) once he was in bed.

Create a bedtime routine that will comfort him and make bed time an enjoyable experience. Make a routine that you know you can easily stick to every day.
Bath time, cuddles, 5 stories while laying in crib, sleep time.

Stephanie - posted on 08/02/2013




I went through the same deal when my daughter was 4.5 months. She wasn't sleeping well and neither was I! I tried having her crib in my room, but she woke up so much at night, I knew it was because she could smell me and my milk.
I moved her into her own room and started putting her in her crib for naps. It worked so well, I was actually surprised at how easy it was. This is what I did:
The first night, I decided on her bed time (6:30pm) and after a short routine of singing and nursing in the rocking chair in her room, I put her down in her crib. She cried, or fussed actually, for 45 minutes before she went to sleep. Every 5 minutes or so I opened her door and said shhhh and said mommy is here, it's okay. She would quiet down, and then start up again a few minutes later. I had my husband there with me for reassurance and support.
The very next day I put her in her crib for all three naps, nursing her first. She went to sleep without a fight after that! I was amazed.
It was hard emotionally, I still hate hearing her fuss or cry and she is now 19 months!
Oh, bty, I did not let her cry it out when she woke up for night nursing. I recall her waking about twice per night to eat, when she did, I would go in her room, turn on a small night light next to the rocker and nurse her without saying a word. When I was done, I put her right back in her crib and she went back to sleep on her own.
I noticed that after she learned to sleep on her own, She would fall asleep in the car, too, which she never did before.
This will be so great for you, your little one is growing up! :) Good luck

Chet - posted on 07/31/2013




Try setting up a side car crib next to your bed. There are lots of instructions online. Basically, you set it up the crib in it's toddler bed mode. The front rail is removed. You want your mattress and the crib mattress to be at the same level and pushed tightly together. To do this you may need to put the crib up on blocks if your mattress is very high, and you may need to stuff the gap at the back of the crib mattress to keep it tight. We just kept the crib this way until baby was ready for their own bed, but you could eventually put the front rail on the crib and have it right next to your bed, then push it away from your bed, then move it to another room.

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