Taking away the bottle! Help?

Kelly - posted on 12/18/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hey,I have a 16 month old and he is still drinking out of a baby bottle,I want to make the transition from bottle to a sippy cup,as I am 3 months pregnant and my son just got into a steady bedtime routine that's going great.

I really just want to get him happily onto sippy cups before the baby comes so he knows the big boy cups are his the bottles are for the baby! He won't drink out of his cup when I give it to him now,he just refuses and cries for his bottle.Any do's or don't any tips what has worked for you and what hasn't? Should I do the change yet or still let him have the baby bottle?

How old was yours when u took it away?

Thank you for any advice and for taking the time to read this.


Feah - posted on 12/20/2012




12mts is the cut off! Throw them away!
It the first day may be tough but he will get used to it.
Cold turkey is the best for both of you. Any flip-flopping will confuse him.


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Savannah - posted on 12/23/2012




My son started sippy cups at 6 months... At 14 months (Now) I have gotten him down to 2 bottles a day. (Morning, and bedtime) He likes to fall asleep with a bottle. >.< I occasionally skip the morning bottle and give him oatmeal and he only cries for the bedtime bottle... You will get there! Just stop offering the bottles, and give him finger foods.

PB&J is a good finger food that almost every child without a peanut allergy LOVES!
I cut mine into tiny squares that can easily be picked up and popped into a mouth. Most of the time a sandwich will fill my little one's tummy, and he forgets about the bottle.

Substitute! And yes, if your son gets thirsty enough he will drink from his sippy.

Whitney - posted on 12/20/2012




I started changing my daughter to a sippy cup at 9 months. I threw all but 2 bottles away on her first birthday and at 14 months the last 2. She was on stage 2 formula for a lil that's why I kept them longer. But just throw them away. Kids adjust. He'll eventually take it.

Firebird - posted on 12/18/2012




I just threw them away. It'll suck for the first 2 days, there will be tantrums, but he'll get over it.

Kelly - posted on 12/18/2012




Thank you for the advice I was going to just throw it away but my MIL said its better to wean him off it.My child not her though I will throw it away :)

America3437 - posted on 12/18/2012




Really just throw it away and give him the sippy cup. He will drink from it when he gets thirsty enough trust me. The crying only bothers you so just stick to the cup and he will adapt.

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