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i have got a 3 year old boy and a 4 year old girl and their tantrums are really bad they hit me spit at me swear at me, they are uncontrolable. any advice?


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You really need to stop this behavior asap. I know not as easy as it sounds. My 3 year old was getting out of control for a time and what we found that works is when she starts with the tantrum, I count to 3. I show no emotional response. If the tantrum doesn't stop she goes in her room(which is a safe environment, babyproofed and all) with the door shut while I stand outside of the door. Eventually she will stop screaming (I peak in to check on her but usually does not last longer than a minute or two) and I will ask her if she is ready to come out and then she forgets what she was throwing a fit for. Now I usually don't even get past the 2 and she immediately stops the tantrum like magic. Believe me we still have our bad days but this is the only thing that worked for me and children NEED structure and discipline. Maybe give it a try but the key thing is don't show emotion, don't show a reaction to them when they start the fit just explain what will happen and start counting. It takes a few trys. Good Luck.

Carla - posted on 04/12/2009




my little boy was like that hes four in october and i just used to get down to his level and explain that mommy really dosnt like that and tell him he has upset me and the punish him wich ever way you can maybe a toy they like or simpley putting them on the nuaghty step. whatever you do though you need to try and stop them quick becuase things will only get worse if you speack to your helth visitor she may be able to help aswell i went on a course called tripple p that also helped. i wish you all the luck in getting this problem under control.

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