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MY 15MONTH OLD SON IS THROWING TANTRUMS LIKE U WONT BELIEVE! He throws himself on the ground and kicks and screams until he gets what he wants. ignoring him doesnt help ive tried that coutless times but no good comes of it. help anbody???


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Usually with my 2 yr old I can get her mind off whatever she is upset about by pointing out something or asking if she would like to do something else. Giving her options other than to lay there and have a tantrum seems to work.

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Sounds like your son figured out that if he screams and throws a big enough fit then he is going to get his way. There is so much to say about this, and many different situations, but keep in mind to set the limit and follow through, regardless how bad he is tantruming. Just make sure he is safe. Ignoring will work, because you are not reinforing his negative behavior to get what he wants. Make sure there are times that he is praised for using his words, or gestures to communicate his wants and needs. And do not over say 'no", say everything in positive manner as much as possible, instead of saying "don't stand on the chair" say "sit down" tell your child what you want him to do. Also remember to be consistent everytime he does a undesirable behavior. Be consistent everytime otherwise he will see that you are not and he will take advantage, he will try you, but remain calm, consistent and the behavior will decrease, it will take time and it will get worse before it gets better. Just hang in there!

Marta - posted on 05/27/2009




I found that with my boys the best way to thwart the tantrum is to pick them up off of the floor, stick them in their room tell them you love them but that they need to stay in their room until they calm down. Once they've stopped kicking and screaming I'd go back in their room sit down in front of them and give them a big hug and talk to them about it. Tantrums are perfectly normal and as annoying and embarrassing as they can be, sometimes your little one just needs to release some pent up energy and stress (kids do get stressed just like grown ups do). It's just like you going to your bedroom to have a good cry when you're feeling a little bit too stressed. Remember DO NOT GIVE IN!!! Don't give him what he wants because then he'll think he can do that whenever he wants to get things...It takes away from your authority. I hope this helps you. Ear plugs are also a good tool for you to keep in your pocket ;)

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