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Hi, I have a boy who is about to be 2 and has already started his fits. I am at a loss of what to do. My husband and I do totaly diffrent things when he get mad. I know we need to be consistant but we both dont know what to do and get frustrated and just do what comes to mind. I need advise. Someone told me to carry around some soap and put a tiny bit on his mouth when he starts his fits. My husband does not like that idea. I need to hear from other moms!!!


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Well mine still through fits because they test you they are ages 4,4,2,5m. Its not easy. We try the time outs and showing them how they act by imitating and we have changed the subject and usually the changing the subject works. Just get his mind on something else if he is screaming for food or toy redivert him to a coloring sheet or another toy or something. The yelling and fighting doesnt help it just makes you mad and makes them fight more. And if you give in they know how to do it again later. Sry if i have not helped much but try it it might work.

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