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i have a 14 month old boy who is the most sweetest little boy.most of the time. if something doesnt go his way or he cant quite manage to do something he turns into the devil. he has started to throw himself on the floor and headbutt the floor,cupboards in the kitchen and me. this obviously makes him scream even more, but then he does it even more cos hes angry. iv tried ignoring him and leaving him on the floor but i cant leave him too long because he is hurting himself. anyone got any ideas????


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Katy - posted on 06/30/2009




Ok, I may be totally off on this one, but I personally only ever had a play pen for time outs and moments when my kids where acting up and needed to sit down and knock their crap off. I would pick him up, put him in a play pen where he can't hurt himself, and walk away. I did that with my daughter and son, and eventually they got the point that they didn't get the attention they were trying for, and would stop. Play pens in my house weren't the place they wanted to be, but it was always there for when they NEEDED to be there. Good luck.

Siobhan - posted on 06/30/2009




my mother told me ( and she's always right) " you can listen to it for one day or the rest of your days" when my son started tantruming i just ignored him, you worry about him hurting himself but if he coontinues to get away with it he will hurt others, it can control them when they can't deal with their anger. encourage him to express himself differently

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