tantrums at 10 months

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When my son gets upset he throws his body back, whether he's in his highchair or you're holding him, or he's playing on the floor. I don't know how to get him to stop. I'm afraid he's going to hurt his back or head. I've tried holding him a telling him in a firm calm voice to stop or no.???? help any suggestions?


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Charlie - posted on 06/04/2009




what is it with little boys headbutting things , every little boy i know does it !

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Thanks for all the advice! He also headbutts the floor like your son Louise or the bed or the wall. I'll try some of these

LaCi - posted on 06/04/2009




mine did the exact same thing, it started around 9 months. He will catch on the the firm "no" after a while, mine has stopped throwing the tantrums so often, and now they are less severe. I did not restrain him, I allowed him to lunge backwards, believing the only way he would stop doing that is to learn when you throw yourself backwards you're going to hit your head. (our carpet it pretty fluffy so I knew it wouldn't do serious damage to the little devil) I ignored his tantrums, If he looked like he wanted a reaction I would just say "no" and go about what i was doing. He's learned not to do it.

Tanya - posted on 06/04/2009




Ugh my baby does the same thing and he will be 10 months old in 8 days. I was hoping it was just a phase..

Louise - posted on 06/04/2009




My son headbutts the floor when he throws a tantrum andits impossible to get him to stop, i put him in his cot untill he calms down where at least he wont get hurt, my younger brother did the same when he was young but he eventually grew out of it when he realised he wasnt getting what he wanted from it.

Deidre - posted on 06/04/2009




I suggest laying him down on the floor until he's over his fit. I will sometimes lay my daughter in her crib and leave the room for a moment until she calms down when she's acting like that. Sometimes she'll stand up in her crib and hurt her head though, but I figure she's okay. I can tell when she hurts herself and I'm right there after it happens, thankfully it hasn't ever been serious (just her getting may and hitting her head on the side of the crib). She also doesn't attempt to climb out of her crib which is why I put her there.

Georgie - posted on 06/04/2009




Hi really sorry but i dont have any advice! But my 10 month son also does the same thing except he slaps. I have never spoiled him but he does it all the time when he doesnt get what he wants. So your not lonely!

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