Tantrums of a Two Year Old

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My daughter is getting ready to turn 2 and about a month ago she started throwing terrible tantrums and crying for no reason. Any suggestions on breaking her of this habit??


Torie - posted on 04/12/2009




Sounds simple.. but ignore it. You give her any attention or give in, even once, and you will be making a rod for your own back. My son NEVER had tantrums, the instant he started, I simply ignored him. And if one was brewing, I would sit him out in the hall where he had no audience and so got bored quickly.

I have seen mothers (and infact my friend has a two year old daughter who has the worst temper I have ever seen in a child,) and they are going slowly out of their minds.

My mum explained it to me as, they are children and you are an adult. So therefore you will always win, and know whats best. Even if they disagree. Sounds self explainitory, but my friends always says, "well I just give in to her to make her be quiet, I just want an easy life!" But this isnt an easy life! She finds it near impossible to go out for family meals and to take her along to birthday parties for fear of her tantruming and biting, scratching, hitting or spitting at another child. This little girl is an extreme case of terrible twos, but if you can see how bad it gets you soon realise it can be easily solved.

I hope this helps in some way.. but dont dispair! She is just trying to see how fair she can go and what she can get, gauged on your reaction. To solve it, dont have a reaction!

Happy Easter by the way!

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