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Any suggestions on what works well for teething baby at 5 months....


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Kate CP - posted on 05/03/2009




Frozen waffles, frozen rags, and if she's a pacifier user freez or chill her pacifier. I also used cold baby carrots and apple slices. Some people will probably have a fit over this, but I used a q-tip dipped in whiskey and rubbed it on her gums. Just enough to topically numb the skin, no where near enough to get her tipsy or buzzed (let alone drunk). And then I usually did the rest of the shot myself. Made dealing with the screaming a lot easier. I was never kean on giving her tylenol (I'm still not) unless I just absolutely have to (high fever, extreme pain, etc.) But if it works well for you then go for it. The goal here is to have a happy and pain free baby. :)

Christie - posted on 05/02/2009




a half dose of baby tylenol, cuddles and alot of patience worked the best for us!!

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I really like the teething tablets. they are in a blue box, you can find them in the baby asile. They work from the inside out, and orajel works from the outside in. The teething tablets worked the best for my daughter. hope it works.

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