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My daughter turned one month old yesterday and I think she's already teething. She's been real fussy the last few days and I noticed that she has two bumps in the middle of her bottom gums. She's my first so I'm not sure. My cousin said it definately seems like she is and that it looks like it but she doesn't know because it's supposed to happen later and that she thinks only one tooth at a time.

Everyone told me to give her a cold washcloth because she wouldn't take a teething ring. She likes that. This morning she was fussy this. She was acting like she was rooting my arm but she wouldn't take a bottle or paci. I put my finger in her mouth she didn't suck, she clamped down on it. It even kind of hurt. I gave her a cold wet washcloth. She gummed it for about 15 minutes then went to sleep for about 3 hours. Does it seem like she's teething? Is it not too early? How can I help her deal wtih the pain when she can't have teething biscuits or teething rings and can't even hold anything to her mouth? HELP!


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Lauren - posted on 05/24/2009




my daughter just got her 1st tooth 2 days ago nd shes 5 months old i use baby orajel nd it seems to help..i also put her binkies in the freezer!!

Liz - posted on 05/24/2009




It does sound like she could possibly have started to teeth early. My twins started to teeth at about 3 months, and my daughter didn't get her teeth until they were 10 months. My son didn't start getting teeth until they were about 10 and a half months. Now at almost a year old my son already has his two top teeth, and his two bottom teeth, and is working on a third bottom. My daughter has her two bottom. And I think they are teething again.

For my son a chilled bottle worked wonders when they were younger. My daughter wouldn't have it she needed her milk room temp. We tried the teething tablets, but I'm not certain if they helped or not.

Ti - posted on 05/24/2009




teething tablets are great. they are homeopathic. you can find em at ralphs or a local drug store normally.

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