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my baby will be 2 months in a week and he is already biting his blanket, bear, hand, and my arm plus he is drooling so much hes always getting wet from the drool and he sucks his hand and thmb so much and wheni carry him he sucks on my arm or shoulder.

i know babies should start teething at about 4 months but i heard aabout some babies sarting at 3 months and even some starting before


Tracy - posted on 06/23/2009





My baby started teething at 3 months and his teeth didn't come through until he was 5 months. At 3 months my health visitor told me that he couldn't possibly be teething but I knew that he was - he was drooling LOADS, trying to bite everything and anything and sucked on my hand/fingers.

I found that Ashton and Parson teething powders help - they are herbal and i don't know how they work but they are amazing. You just drop the powder onto their tongue! Much better than teething gels as they tend to lick them off. I also found that teething rings were all too big for my baby as he started to teeth early but teethers with gel/water in them that can be popped in the fridge help to cool down babies gums.

Anyway, hope this help


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