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My name is Keera and i was just wondering about when everyones bub's started getting their teeth?

My son will be 9 months in a week and has not cut 1 tooth nor does he seem to have any near cutting through his gums, he has other signs, eg, rosy cheeks, lots of dribble, pulling ears, and even though everyone says not to worry its hard not to when your friends have bubs around the same age that have 2 or more teeth or did by his age.

I was just wanting to see if it's something that happens all the time? and if i am worried over nothing?


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Miriam - posted on 07/23/2009





I have a 22month old baby boy who was born with a tooth. He then didn't teeth till he was mayeb 8 months old. My cousins little girl didnt get her first tooth till she was almost 2.

Is your baby on the bottle? As we found that our son, who was on the bottle from 8weeks, would have all the signs of teething but the sucking on the bottle would cause it to go back in.

Now he has 10 teeth.

My friends 19month old boy has all 20 teeth

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