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Lauren - posted on 10/10/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




im after some suggestions to help my son through teething. his three months and started teething a week ago, his still unsure about teething rings and is too young for the rusks, i have gel but dont want to use it too much? what has worked for others and has anyone else have a baby teeth so early?


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Kelcie - posted on 10/10/2009




Humphreys teething tablets are working great for me right now my daughter is also 3 months old and just started teetheing and its terrible sometimes but between the teehthing tablets and some infant pain reliever things seem to be looking up

Christine - posted on 10/10/2009




Teething is such a difficult journey. My son started teething around 3 months as well. Hylands Teething Tablets have been our savior more than a million times. They dissolve immediately on or under your childs tongue. I was really nervous the first time because I was afraid they wouldn't, but rest assured, they do. When desperate, I would use tylenol too. I prefer the teething tablets because they work almost instantly, and they don't have any dyes or added chemicals that the liquid tylenol has. Another tried and true thing for us is to wrap an ice cube in a burp cloth, wash cloth, (i've used a clean baby sock in a bind) with a hair tie around the ice cube (so it doesn't slip out). Caleb always loved gnawing on that, still does. If you are nursing and are able to allow for some comfort nurses, this really helps their teething pain also. That is all I can think of right now...good luck. I know how hard it is.

Here is a link to hylands. You can normally find them in your drug store or target.


Jen - posted on 10/10/2009




My daughter also started teething at 3 months. She didn't get her 1st tooth until 5 months though. At that age it is really hard for them to hold a teething ring and they are too big for their mouth anyway. I would give my daughter orajel but only one fingertip worth. I found that the animals that have flat hands and feet with nubs worked really well. Her bunny was her best friend for a few months lol. Once he's old enough to eat solids you can give him a piece of celery to gnaw on. My daughter stole one out of my hand at 7 months old and it was a great teething toy and healthy snack.

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